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Aplastic Anemia & Renal Failure

32 yo female with history of aplastic anemia due to bone marrow’s failure to make red blood cells (RBCs). When patient was first seen in 2018, she was getting RBC transfusions 1-2 times a month, and also had progressive renal failure. In addition, she had chronic lung issues with shortness of breath.

In mid 2019, patient’s anemia was getting worse in spite of integrative medicine treatments she received in an attempt to clear a chronic fungal infection. In October 2019, she received 2 units of IV stem cells (CharaCore). Her blood counts subsequently stabilized in the normal range, and she had not needed any blood transfusions since November 2019. Her renal status also stabilized, and her lungs cleared up. In January 2020, her blood counts further improved, and her reticulocyte count (a measure of new RBC formation) was up to 1.6.

In June of 2020 she got 1 more unit IV of CharaCore stem cells. Blood counts are running normal since then, and her reticulocyte count has been as high as 3.4. Renal status has stayed stable as well.

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