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Heel Fractures

41 year old Caucasian male with bilateral heel fractures from an accident 9 months prior to stem cell treatment. He had significant difficulty walking, and sometimes had to crawl to the bathroom. Patient received intravenous (IV) stem cells (3cc CharaCore) and exosomes (1cc CharaExo), which significantly decreased his pain. 2 weeks after the IV treatment, patient received local injections of 1cc stem cells and 0.5cc exosomes into each of his heels, immediately followed by prolozone injection (PRP, dextrose, procaine & ozone). For the first two days immediately after the local injections, patient’s feet felt more tender. On day 3 to 5 after the treatment, he felt decreased pressure in his heels and started to walk on them. On day 5 and 6 after treatment, he was able to ride his bicycle. And with 6 weeks after treatment, patient had achieve complete recovery. 4 months after treatment, he was able to run a 5K race.

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