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Musculoskeletal Injuries Case Study

39 year old male w/ multiple musculoskeletal injuries, nearly 20 surgeries, right hip replacement and severe chronic pain was not able to get pain relief despite visiting top orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles, including doctors at UCLA and Cedars Sinai hospital. He received 1 cell therapy session, and on the same day, he described feeling “bionic,” invincible, was able to go back to the gym and work out in an intensity that he had not done for a couple of years. He received his second infusion 2 week later, as well as a local knee injection of 0.5cc of regenerative cells, and a week after the second infusion, he described his overall pain level as having gone down from the previous severe 100% to only 20%. Initially he felt some tightness and discomfort around the injected knee after the knee injection, but 2 weeks later the knee pain was completely gone. He was thrilled with the results and how much it helped him regain his function, including being able to work, exercise, and take care of his young daughter.

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