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Hair Loss & Anti-Aging Case Study

44 yo female with complaints of hair loss. Thyroid problems and anemia ruled out. No doctor has had an explanation. Symptoms seemed to correlate with receiving 30 plus vaccine injections for the US Peace Corps in 1998, or the multiple digestion infections while living in SE Asia.

Patient describes: “I had a 2 cc IV of CharaCore and a month later a 3 cc IV. Within a few weeks of the first one, I stopped pulling hair out of my shower drain (it was a clump every AM). I also only had a couple hairs in the sink instead of constantly cleaning up hairs. There is almost nothing in my hairbrush. I’m a healthcare provider and have done many things for my hair. NOTHING has worked like this! I have so many new hairs growing in. It is worth it!

I also noticed I have had better reflexes in my soccer games. I have scored in the last 18 out of 21 games. That is unusual. It may not be related but it seems to be. I have also noticed small warts that were on my inner heels are completely gone. They have been there since 2009. I have also noticed that I am finishing projects that have been lingering for months to years. Again, maybe not related. None of these things were serious health concerns. However, I feel they were signs that something or things were not optimal. I wanted a long-term healthy life.

Whatever is happening, I love it! Money well spent.
– from Oregon”

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