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Liver Cirrhosis Case Study

56 year old Caucasian male with end-stage liver cirrhosis in hospice care, came in for stem cell therapy to help prolong his life. Patient had a history of chronic Hepatitis C, hypertension and diabetes, and did not qualify for liver transplant. Patient had declined steadily over the past year, and over the last month, he had an unintentional weight loss of 30 lbs. He had been struggling with fatigue, weakness, and occasional fever and chills, and also reported of shortness of breath, wheezing, and edema of lower extremities. At the time of treatment, patient presented with an distended abdomen (ascites), with very little energy to even speak.

Pt was given a one-time IV stem cell treatment. He responded rapidly, reporting a reduction of abdominal swelling within a few hours. Within 4 weeks, patient regained much of his strength and energy, and was doing quite well. When he returned to his liver specialist physician to retest his liver, his liver function test came back within normal range.

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