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Selected Published Studies

Allogeneic MSCs ameliorate aging frailty 2017
Allogenic MSC in Ankylosing spondylitis 2014
Alzheimer’s & stem cell therapy 2014
Case study UC MSC in treating chronic renal failure & throacic spinal cord entrapment 2017
Clinical Application of Umbilical Cord-derived MSC
Collagenase reduce Quantity & Quality of MSC from UC tissue
Comp study HUCMSC vs BM vs Adipose
Diabetes type 1 reversal 2012 – stem cell educator
Different MSCs-perinatal 2016
HUCB transplantation in MI
HUCT in chronic spinal cord injury 2013
Intervetebral disc regeneration by MSCs 2006
IV stem cells in chronic inflammation and anti-aging 2015
IV WJ MSC type 1 DM
MS HUC-MSCs 2013
MSC & Kidney Repair 2013
MSC in arthritis 2008
MSC in collage-induced arthritis (RA model) 2017
MSC in COPD 2016
MSC in osteoarthritis – meta-analysis 2017
MSC reduce atherosclerosis
MSC treating neurodegenerative & psychiatric d_o 2015
MSC’s in treating cancer 2015
Presentation – Allogeneic SCs for autoimmune disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis HUCT’s study
Safety of unmatched umbilical cord blood cells in degenerative diseases 2014
SC & Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2016
Stem cell end stage liver disease
Stem Cells in the Umbilical Cord
Therapeutic Potentials of MSCs Derived from Human Umbilical Cord 2011
TIMP-2 protein in umbilical cord blood PDF
UC MSC 2014
UC MSC in lupus 2010
UC MSC reverse cognitive aging 2017
UC Tissue-derived cells as therapeutic agents 2015
UC-MSC in RA 2010
UCB SC in Nervous System Diseases 2014
Umbilical cord tissue as source for MSC-based therapy
Umbilical SC in Diabetic ED 2010
Wharton’s jelly MSC in DMII
WJ-MSC Neuroprotection

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