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Lyme Disease Case Study

47 year old female suffered from chronic Lyme disease. She reported the following changes within 20 days of her first stem cell treatment:

  1. No longer had seizures (was having seizures 2 to 3 times a day);
  2. No longer experienced migraines (was having daily migraines since 2001);
  3. No longer had neurological issues (was having significant mental confusion prior to treatment);
  4. “Crushing 24/7 bone pain” was at least 80% better, to the point where “it’s hard to call it pain after what it did feel like.”
  5. No longer experienced night-blindness or farsightedness, not needing reading glasses anymore;
  6. Was diagnosed with stage 1 kidney disease, which resolved after treatment;
  7. Open sores from skin rash/excessive scratching were healed;
  8. Had one varicose vein, which was slowly disappearing;
  9. Blood pressure was dangerously low, but became normal after treatment;
  10. Blood sugar levels were in the 40’s, but improved to the 80’s after treatment;
  11. Could barely walk without serious pain that triggered seizures prior to treatment, but now able to speed-walk for 2 miles, run 1/4 of a mile, and run up and down 3 flights of stairs.

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