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Post-Surgical Recovery

39 year old Caucasian female physician in general good health underwent surgery to correct a deviated nasal septum and structural issues that contributed to her sleep apnea. The surgery was extensive, lasting 6 hours, where the nasal septum deviation was corrected, upper palate trimmed, uvula and tonsils removed, and an opening in pharynx was made. For 3 days both before and after the surgery, patient did daily hyperbaric oxygen treatment, ozone therapy, as well as intravenous NAD. Despite these treatments, patient still experienced significant swelling and pain, and her iPhone facial recognition feature could recognize her. Eager to speed up her healing, she decided to pursue stem cell therapy, and received 3ml of umbilical cord stem cells (CharaCore) and 2ml of exosomes (CharaExo) intravenously on post-op day #3 in the afternoon. The next morning (on post-op day #4), within 18 hours of receiving stem cells and exosomes, her face was “almost back to normal,” which astonished her nurse who took off her bandage. At this point, her face had recovered to the point that her iPhone recognized her face. On post-op day #5, patient was in the gym exercising (treadmills and yoga) and felt “a ton of energy.” Even though she was told that she would not be able to get back to work for 3 weeks, she went back to work on post-op day #5. Patient says that she had put off this surgery for 15 years because of the concern of the 5-week down time she was told she would need. She feels that people need to know about stem cell treatment, and that if she had known that this was available to expedite healing to such a drastic degree, she would have done the surgery a long time ago, which had brought about excellent relief for her breathing problems.

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