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Autism Case Study

7-year-old autistic girl came back for her 2nd stem cell treatment. Patient first came in for treatment 8 months prior, and received 3cc CharaCore infusion. Patient was non-verbal, on diapers, and had hypotonia. Since the first CharaCore treatment, patient was able to get off diapers completely, able to tell her parents when she needed to go “potty,” and able to hold it until parents could locate a bathroom nearby. She also went from completely non-verbal to being able to speak some words. Her prior hypotonia resulted in such low muscle strength that she could not climb up the stairs and had to be carried upstairs by parents – now she can walk up the stairs on her own. She is also less hyperactive, much calmer, and more interactive… These changes are more profound than the changes her parents noticed from the intrathecal injection (injecting into the spinal canal) of the patient’s own bone marrow stem cells over a year ago. Parents requested 5cc CharaCore for the 2nd infusion treatment.

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