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Neck/Back Pain, Joint Laxity & Palpitations

67 year old Caucasian male with history of cervical spinal stenosis, bone spur in the spine, joint laxity and Lyme disease sought stem cell therapy to help improve joint health and relieve neck/back pain. Patient had stopped exercising for 9 months due to pain, and said his joints were “cracking” and “popping out of place,” and felt like the muscles/tendons around the joints were “pulling away.” Patient received stem cell treatment intravenously as well as injections locally in the cervical region. At the follow up appointment 3 weeks later, patient said the pain in his neck and back were completely gone, and the muscles felt tighter around his joints, that his body is “tightening up.” Incidentally, his shoulders also felt better.

At follow-up appointment, pt mentioned that he had had heart palpitations for 15 years, likely due to Lyme disease. In the past, every night when he slept, if he turned to lay on his side (either left or right), he would have heavy palpitation for about a minute. However, one week after stem cell treatment, he no longer had any of these palpitations.

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