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Spinal Cord Injury

37 year old Caucasian male sustained a spinal cord injury from a climbing accident 18 months prior to treatment, resulting in T-11 level partial dissection of the spinal cord. Pt had no sensation below the abdomen, and was not able to stand up, and had searing neuropathic pain. Pt received stem cell treatment intravenously, and soon after the infusion, patient sensed “electricity-like sensation” in his legs that he usually only gets while receiving intense physical therapy. The day after treatment, he was able to feel his legs more, and within 2 days of treatment, the neuropathic pain changed from “searing pain” to just “a bad itch.” Within a couple of weeks, patient realized that his neuropathic pain was gone, and only had such an “itch” occasionally. He was also feeling his legs, buttocks and feet more, and had more core control. When sitting down, he could feel the surface more, and was able to feel his body more during exercise.

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