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Multiple Sclerosis and Migraines

46 year old Caucasian female with history of multiple sclerosis since age 30 was bed-bound, with very limited mobility of legs, and has difficulty using arms due to lack of coordination and tremor. Pt has full-body numbness, and said “it’s like feeling things through gloves” throughout her body. Patient also had a suprapubic catheter to relieve urine, as well as pressure ulcers, and required 3 full-time caregivers.

Patient received stem cell therapy intravenously. 2 hours after the treatment, patient already noticed that she had less foot drop, and within 5 hours, she said the numbness in her hands were less. Within 2 days of treatment, patient was excited to notice that she was able to snap both fingers, even though she had not been able to do so for over 10 years. Within 3 weeks of treatment, patient reported that she has gained strength in her legs and can move them more easily. She also noticed more control over her bowel movement thus had gained more independence.

Incidentally, she used to have migraines daily for years, but only had migraine headache 1-2 times since the treatment.

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