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Rotator Cuff Injury Case Study

69 year old male with history of rotator cuff injury at age 18 (due to a car accident) and chronic right knee arthritis wanted to try cell therapy before considering total knee replacement which he was told was what he needed. He had significant knee pain and stiffness, and shoulder pain awakened him every night for the past 40 years whenever he tried to turn his body in bed.

In his first treatment, he received 0.5 cc of regenerative cells injection in his knee, and 1.5 cc through regenerative cell treatment. That night his shoulder pain went away completely, and never came back (it has been 8 months since then). He received his second regenerative cell treatment of 2cc 3 days later. He has had huge improvement in his knee, mostly pain-free, and only feels occasional twinges when he walks downhill vigorously. He also felt more energy and mental clarity.

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