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Lichen Planus

66-year-old Caucasian Female with 8-year history of lichen planus, primarily affecting both of her legs (right leg more affected than left), presented with severe lichen planus clusters (raised purple/red blotches) covering >50% of right lower leg, mostly on anterior surface. Lesions were not painful, with minimal itching, but were visibly prominent, and the swelling/discoloration of leg lesions tended to worsen over the course of any given day. Patient’s dermatologist had no idea as to why patient had developed these lesions.

Patient tried numerous therapeutic modalities over the course of 8 years, with minimal success. On her first stem cell treatment, she receive intravenous infusion of 4cc stem cells (CharaCore) and 2cc exosomes (CharaExo). Within a few weeks, she had complete resolution of symptoms, with all legs lesions disappearing, leaving no residual pigmentation or skin texture abnormalities. At the time of this report, which is 7 months after the treatment, patient has not had any return of lesions.

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