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Regen Mentorship Program

Program includes:

  • AAICT’s “Fundamentals of Stem Cell Practice” training course
  • AAICT yearly membership
  • Access to resources – FDA guidelines, comparisons of tissue sources, 300+ research articles on stem cell therapy in diverse organ systems and disease categories, informed consent, pre- and post-treatment recommendations, and treatment protocols, etc.
  • One stem cell treatment session for self or a family member
  • Full-day in-office training with Dr. Kong at Uplyft Longevity Center, Los Angeles
  • Mentorship, clinical support & coaching for 1 year – includes monthly consulting sessions (up to 60 minutes each), ongoing clinical support, clinic operations coaching, 24/7 email support, and direct phone access to Dr. Kong
  • Practice marketing, branding & business development training session
  • Vendor recommendations for regenerative medicine products & services, and stem cell product discounts
  • and MORE…

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